How to create your own custom vinyl record

PhonoLab is the home of one-off custom vinyl records in Australia.

From the comfort of your own home you can order a custom vinyl record using your mobile device or computer through our online shop in just a few minutes. Within two weeks your custom vinyl record (and cover) will be created at our Newcastle, New South Wales studio and shipped to you anywhere in Australia.

All our custom vinyl records come with a full colour printed cover, poly-lined inner sleeve (to further protect your vinyl record), external shrink wrap, free shipping plus a choice of up to nine colours for the record.

We're going to explain how to create your custom vinyl record below in a few easy steps.

First things first, audio.

The first decision you'll need to make when ordering a custom vinyl record is...yes you guessed it, the music. Our service is unique in that you can send us a playlist from any streaming platform (such as Spotify, Apple Music etc) and have those exact songs on your custom vinyl record. You can finally transfer your favorite playlist to a vinyl record! We purchase the songs from Apple Music so the bands and labels you support benefit directly too.

Alternatively, if you have the audio files already, you can send us these when making your order. The audio files you send should be uncompressed such as a WAV file but, if you don't have these to hand, it doesn't matter. Just send us the highest quality audio you have available and we'll make it work!

How many minutes can you fit on a 12 inch vinyl record?

Each side of a 12 inch custom vinyl record can store around 17 minutes of audio, so that's 34 minutes in total. We say 17 minutes because it's a safe bet, it all depends on the audio material (but we'll get into that another time). If you keep within 17 minutes we'll have no trouble transcribing your playlist to vinyl. Click the following link to check out the 12 inch custom vinyl record (Single LP).

If you want to add more than 34 minutes in total then you can order the 12" Custom Vinyl Record (Double LP) which can fit a whopping 68 minutes in total, now that's a lot of tracks!

What about 10 inch and 7 inch vinyl records?

As 10 inch and 7 inch vinyl records are smaller naturally you'll be able to fit a little less on each of these.

Our limit for a 10 inch custom vinyl record is 12 minutes per side (24 minutes in total) and for a 7 inch custom vinyl record it's 5 minutes (10 minutes in total).

How to make a custom vinyl record cover.

12 inch custom vinyl record cover

So you've got your tracks sorted, up next is the artwork for the cover. We've streamlined this process to make it as easy as possible for you when making your order. You have two options; upload photos or create your own artwork.

If you struggle with design (trust us, it can be a minefield) simply upload photos for the front cover, back cover and centre labels and tell us what customization you would like to add. For example, we can add "Happy Birthday Dad" on the front cover, add the track list on the back cover and an "A" and "B" on the centre labels so you know which side is playing. We do this free of charge but if you'd like a proof before it is printed, let us know when making your order.

Otherwise if you'd like to experiment with making your own, we're all for that! If you don't own photo editing/illustrator software (such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator) then we recommend Canva. It's a free, browser based design tool with plenty of templates to get your creative juices flowing.

Before I start, what are the specifications and dimensions for a custom vinyl record cover?

For the best possible results make sure your artwork has a resolution of 300DPI (dots per inch, the standard print resolution for high resolution output), is in CMYK and is sent as a PDF.

12 inch custom vinyl record cover

Front & Back cover - 300mm square, 3mm bleed

Centre labels - 100mm diameter circle, 3mm bleed

10 inch custom vinyl record cover

Front & Back cover - 240mm square, 3mm bleed

Centre labels - 100mm diameter circle, 3mm bleed

7 inch custom vinyl record cover

Front & Back cover - 180mm square, 3mm bleed

Centre labels - 94mm diameter circles, 3mm bleed


Confused? Don't be. If you're struggling with the above, drop us an e-mail to see if we can help.

Now COLOUR your custom vinyl record.

Another unique aspect of custom vinyl records from Phonolab is the choice of colours available for your vinyl record. You can choose from nine different colours to further customize your creation! Simply choose the colour you would like from the drop down box on the product page.

Nine coloured custom vinyl records; clear, black, orange, blue, purple, pink, green, yellow and red

How long does my custom vinyl record take to make?

12 inch vinyl record being cut on a vinyl cutting lathe

Once you have ordered we will have your custom vinyl record cut and in the post within 2 weeks. You will receive tracking information via e-mail once we have sent it to you. If you are on a tight deadline let us know, we will try our best to help. We also offer Express delivery (for an additional cost) to get your custom vinyl record to you even quicker.

Ready to order your first custom vinyl record?

Head to our Custom Vinyl Records product page to get your order in today!

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