PhonoLab VIP - 10% off Custom Vinyl Records for life!

phonolab vip - make three orders and spend over $700 to join


The PhonoLab VIP program rewards returning customers making repeat purchases of Custom Vinyl Records from our website.

To become a PhonoLab VIP you must:

  • have made 3 individual orders, and
  • have spent at least $700 over those 3 orders

Once these conditions have been met you will automatically become a PhonoLab VIP and can enter the code PHONOLABVIP at checkout and receive 10% off your total order and free Express Shipping.

This discount can be used in conjunction with other sales and discount codes meaning you could save up to 30% on Custom Vinyl Records.

Additional benefits of being a PhonoLab VIP:

  • Free Express Shipping with every order
  • Exclusive access to competitions, new vinyl colourways, new products and more.
  • 10% discount for life
  • Combine with other sales and discount codes for big savings


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