Custom Vinyl Records by PhonoLab are the Perfect Wedding Gift

12 inch custom vinyl record on clear vinyl

Looking for the perfect wedding gift can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, it can be tough to find something that is both unique and meaningful. Luckily, Phonolab has come up with a solution: custom vinyl records.

Why are Custom Vinyl Records the ideal wedding gift?

pink 10 inch custom vinyl record by phonolab

Custom vinyl records are an ideal wedding gift because they offer a personal touch that other gifts simply cannot match. These records can be fully personalised with the couple's favourite songs, photos, along with their names and wedding date. Not only is this a thoughtful way to celebrate their special day, but it also creates a keepsake that they can treasure, and listen to, for years to come.

Exceptional quality is guaranteed at PhonoLab

Phonolab stands out from other companies because we use high-quality materials to create our custom vinyl records. Each record is individually lathe cut with state-of-the-art German lathes for optimal sound quality. This means that not only will the gift be visually stunning, but it will also sound amazing when played on a turntable. We have 9 vinyl record colours to choose from which are available for 7", 10" and 12" custom vinyl records.

12 inch custom vinyl record by phonolab

Each custom vinyl record cover is handmade and we can include personalized messages on the spine, something no other company in Australia is able to achieve.

12 inch custom vinyl record cover with spine and text

Another reason why Phonolab makes the best custom vinyl wedding gifts is their commitment to customer satisfaction. We consistently receive 5 star ratings on Google and on our online shop and, if there is a problem, we'll aim to resolve it as quick as possible.

So if you're based in Australia searching for wedding gifts Australia-wide, custom vinyl records by PhonoLab are an excellent choice as they are not only unique but also timeless, to be played again and again.

Head to our Custom Vinyl Record collection now and give the gift of vinyl!

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